Flannel Friday: Bird Houses

I originally saw this idea on Sunflower Storytime and Falling Flannelboards, but wanted to do it in a magnet version.   It’s just a matching game with birds (that coincidentally look a lot like angry birds I’ve been informed).  I used good ‘ol Paint to create these.  Here are the final images:

House 1 House 2 House 3 House 4


Here’s what it looks like on my magnet board:

Bird Shapes

The storytime easel I use is the Best-Rite® Early Childhood Easel , and it’s fantastic!  It comes up to about my waist, is on wheels (that can lock in place), and one side is magnet dry-erase board, with the other side as red felt.  Definitely a great purchase (thanks to my Friends of the Library group).


4 thoughts on “Flannel Friday: Bird Houses

  1. Gayle Gibbons says:

    I made this one added extra shapes and colours however yours I prefer with the wings on your birds I must add them to mine hoping to improve it Thanks

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