Flannel Friday: Miss Bee Polite

Miss Bee Polite

I’m not sure where this activity originally came from – I stumbled upon it in my predecessors archives when I took my current position.  I looked on the interwebs and found it here, here, here, and here, just to start.

Read the following statements to the children, and after each one ask “would Miss Bee Polite be happy or sad?”

1. Beatrice Butterfly said, “Pass the flowers, please”
2. Gracie Grasshopper said, “thank you,” when she was given a treat.
3. Bobby Bumblebee bumped his brother off the beehive.
4. Arnie Ant waited his turn in line.
5. Carl Caterpillar crunched quietly.
6. Chrysy Caterpillar chatted with her mouth full.
7. Sammy Spider played with his food.
8. Christopher Cricket chirped wile another cricket was chirping.
9. Casy Cricket chirped, “Excuse me,” before interrupting.
10. Lucy Ladybug borrowed a leaf without asking.


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