Flannel Friday: Move Over, Rover!

One of my favorite books to read for a weather storytime is Geisel award winning book Move Over, Rover! by Karen Beaumont. In this book, Rover is sleeping safe and dry during a rain storm in his dog house, when all the animals (one by one) join him in an effort to find shelter. It’s a cumulative story, where each page adds a sentence onto the previous page’s words. This makes it predictable for the children, and helps build their vocabulary with repeated words and rhymes. I decided to create a flannel with all the creatures that join Rover in the dog house–including the skunk that drives them all away! Check out the book for words to this flannel.

Move Over Rover

Here are all the animals:


One by one, I add the animals to the dog house, piling them on top of Rover:


This flannel would lend itself really well to a magnet board as well, but I just couldn’t resist the cute felt characters.

Click on the images below to print your own template.  All these images, except for the dog house, were traced from online clipart.  So if you want the animals to look different you could definitely find different clipart!

Squirrel and Mouse Dog, Bird, and Snake Rover's Dog House Raccoon and CatSkunk

Lastly, here are some closeups of all the animals:



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