Build a Pirate

My lovely coworker, who has a lot more creative juices flowing than me, took the idea of “Dress a Pirate” from Miss Meg’s Blog and made some modifications. She told me it was Johnny Depp inspired, and who can blame her? Don’t you just love the droopy eyes on her pirate!

There are two options for this flannel. You can say it with the poem below (modified from the one on Miss Meg’s Blog), or you can start with the pirate’s face on the board and begin adding pieces. You can make it fun for the kids by adding the pieces in the wrong place (surprised of course that they don’t belong there) then ask the kids where you should put the pieces.

As always, don’t forget that flannelboards help develop visual literacy – knowing that objects represent real life things.

Dress a Pirate

Pirates wear patches (add patch)
and on their hands, hooks. (add hook)
Pirates love to mismatch
and give dirty looks.

Pirates wear red & white shirts (add shirt)
with little short sleeves.
Pirates are scoundrels,
and rascals, and thieves!

Pirates wear black hats (add hat)
with skull and cross bones.
Pirates yell, “Avast”!
and, “Ahoy! Thar she blows!”

Pirates have long hair
they decorate with beads.
Pirates aren’t rare
When you’re sailing the seas!

Pirates have a pet bird (add bird)
and tie the best knots.
Pirates are quite absurd,
X marks the spot! (add X)


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