Flannel Friday: Five Brave Firefighters

My creative coworker again turned a random idea I had into a super cute prop for storytime!  It’s based on the popular fingerplay Five Brave Firefighters, and I can’t wait to break it out for fire prevention week.

Each firefighter is laminated, and has velcro attached to the back.  By attaching Velcro at the top of the board, the bottom, and along the ribbon “pole”, we are able to send the firefighters down one at a time to stand in front of the trucks.

The ribbon goes through the board at two points, creating a circle.  To move the firefighter down the pole, we just pull on the ribbon from the back, creating a sliding effect for the firefighters!  Enjoy!

Five Brave Firefighters

Firefighter Velco

Five Brave Firefighters
Five brave firefighters,
Standing in a row,
Ring goes the bell, (ring bell at top of board)
And down one goes… (pull ribbon in back to move firefighter).


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